The purpose of this club is to further the success of young athletes, both in sports and in other aspects of life. In this club, athletes will have a chance to meet new friends, push their own personal limits, and gain the confidence to try new things. We use specialized equipment and training methods to teach aspects of the sport that are otherwise very difficult to learn. Athletes will work on improving their speed, strength and skill, while also learning the advanced techniques of the sport and the best drills to improve those techniques.

We adhere to all USA Track and Field guidelines and regulations when it come to training and safety. All of our athletes are required to become members through USATF.

Mike Horrigan

Mike Horrigan

Mike started vaulting in high school and instantly fell in love with the sport. He worked his way to the school record before his vault career continued at the college level. He majored in Physical Activity and Fitness Management and his love for track and field only grew.

In college he was a national level vaulter and an assistant coach during his last year due to an injury that required surgery. Unable to vault in that last year, he helped coach two All American women vaulters, one of which became a national champion. He has much to offer to athletes that love the sport and would like to pass on that knowledge so that they can soar to new heights.